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Superior office and call centre headset, featuring:

  • European design, assembled in China §Flexible boom noise cancelling microphone, providing clear communications even from noisy working environment
  • Stylish all black design, lightweight, durable and comfortable for all day use. Less than 70g
  • Acoustic Shock Protection according to industrial standard
  • Polyurethane ear cushion 48mm dia provides listening comfort and external noise insulation.
  • Package with additional foam cushion/ Mic wind screen / cloth clip
  • Easy Connect (EC) cable for the convenience of walking away without removing the headset
  • Different EC cords available for different phone system or UC applications
  • Please specify your phone model when ordering the EC cord.
  • CE & FCC compliance

Exceptional Design, Value for Money

All black design ensures elegant, stylish and comfort listening. Ear cushion is made of Polyurethane material and designed to rest on the auricle of the ear to improve acoustic protection and external noise insulation.

  • SwissCoTel Black Label HSM908, mono noise canceling headset with Polyurethene ear cushion
  • SwissCoTel Easy Connect (EC) bottom cable for Cisco IP phone
  • SwissCoTel EC to USB with mute and volume control